Our Mission

To create and support environments that awaken, empower, and inspire.

The Vision

TAP’s vision is to promote a visible, sustainable, local arts culture through advocacy, education, and funding. This can be accomplished by encouraging the arts to thrive across Tuscarawas County, and encouraging partnerships between the arts with other art, business and community agencies to create positive impact and benefits throughout the county.

The History

In 2014, Tuscarawas County leaders gathered to discuss the arts and arts culture throughout the county. Their shared vision for the county included a vibrant and growing arts culture. The County Commissioners commissioned a feasibility study to determine the need for a new, county wide, non-profit organization, focused on supporting and growing the arts. The study included a local artist inventory and artist survey. The survey asked the artists what they needed; their answers guided and influenced the actions of the resulting new arts organization.

The Tuscarawas Arts Partnership (TAP) formed a board of directors in early 2015, incubating as a non-profit under the umbrella of the Tuscarawas Valley Heritage, Inc. whose mission supports the advancement of the cultural heritage. TAP has grown with careful action by their Board of Directors and in fiscal partnership with the TVH as the non-profit. In four years, TAP has made efforts to grow as an organization and serve the arts in Tuscarawas County at its best capacity. Today, TAP continues its mission to create and support arts environments and initiatives in Tuscarawas County.