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Wilma K. Mullet
Executive Director

Wilma K. Mullet received her B.A. in Art and Religious Studies and completed a minor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Mount Union, and a Master’s degree in Arts Administration from the University of Akron.

While Wilma was getting her art degree at Mount Union, she realized she wanted to be more involved in the arts, and decided to take an internship to collaborate and organize the first arts festival in Downtown Alliance. While facilitating the festival, Wilma observed how visibility of the arts positively impacted the downtown community. It was the defining moment when she knew she wanted to work behind the scenes to help the arts thrive and promote community revitalization. While attending the University of Akron’s Arts Administration program, Wilma participated in the Art Bomb Brigade where the class’s goal was to create amazing public art throughout neighborhoods across Akron that can inspire creative and invigorating "placemaking" throughout Akron, Ohio. In addition, she completed a thesis study on public art as an economic development tool in revitalization efforts of Youngstown, Ohio and the Mahoning Valley communities.

Today, as the Executive Director of TAP, Wilma hopes that her studies and experiences will help promote and advance the arts further in Tuscarawas County.


Board of Directors


Elizabeth Thomakos

David Mitchell
Vice President

Mindee Johnson

Tara Schie

Jessica Haney

Dr. David Hartman

George Laurence

Jane Clay

Michael Wise

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